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Out of respect, confirm with your coach if you are
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Read the rules to avoid registration mistakes

Reading all the rules before registering for Pride BJJ is crucial to avoid making any registration mistakes that could affect your participation in the tournament. Understanding the rules ensures that competitors sign up for the correct weight class, belt rank, and division (Gi or No-Gi), preventing any confusion or disqualification on the day of the event. By familiarizing yourself with the tournament regulations, you can ensure that you are properly prepared and eligible to compete in your desired category, enhancing the overall experience for both yourself and your fellow competitors.

Common registration mistakes at Pride BJJ include signing up for the wrong weight class, selecting an incorrect belt rank, or registering for the wrong division (Gi or No-Gi). By thoroughly reviewing the rules and guidelines provided by the tournament organizers, competitors can prevent these errors and ensure that they are accurately registered for their intended category. We use the same rule set as IBJJF. Additionally, understanding any specific requirements or restrictions outlined in the rules can help participants make informed decisions during the registration process, minimizing the risk of administrative errors or disqualification due to non-compliance with the tournament regulations.

Competitors can verify their registration details for Pride BJJ by logging into their Smoothcomp account. It is essential to double-check this information to ensure accuracy, including weight class, belt rank, and division (Gi or No-Gi). If any discrepancies or errors are identified, competitors should promptly contact the tournament organizers to rectify the situation before the registration deadline. Additionally, periodically reviewing the tournament’s official website or social media channels for updates and announcements can help participants stay informed about any changes or clarifications regarding registration requirements or procedures.


Check your weight and register in the right division

Checking your weight before registering for Pride BJJ is paramount for ensuring that you compete in the appropriate weight class. Competing in the wrong weight division can lead to unfair advantages or disadvantages for both yourself and your opponents. By accurately assessing your weight beforehand, you can make informed decisions during the registration process, selecting the most suitable weight class for your size and skill level.

When registering for a GI competition, your weight measurement is WITH YOUR GI ON. You must be the exact weight or below. So for example, if you register for the 195 pound division, you must weigh 195 pounds or less. If you weight 195.3 pounds you will be disqualified. 

When registering for no gi, your weight measurement is with your rash guard on. You must be the exact weight or below. So for example, if you register for the 188.5 pound division, you must weigh 188.5 pounds or less. If you weight 188.8 pounds you will be disqualified. 

Registering for the wrong weight division at Pride BJJ can have several consequences, including potential disqualification. Competing in an incorrect weight class can compromise the fairness and integrity of the tournament, as it may result in mismatches or imbalances during matches. You will have up to 3 days before the event takes place to log into smoothcomp and change your weight division.


Invite your friends and family. Spectators tickets are available

Friends and family can show their support for competitors at Pride BJJ by attending the event as spectators. Spectators play a vital role in creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, cheering on their loved ones and enjoying the excitement of live Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu action. To purchase tickets for the upcoming event, friends and family are encouraged to visit the homepage and click on the “Spectator Tickets” button. It’s important to note that no spectator tickets will be sold at the door, so be sure to secure your tickets in advance to guarantee entry to the tournament.

Friday before the event


How to change info on your registration

If competitors or parents need to change information on their registration for Pride BJJ, it’s important to follow the correct procedure to ensure that changes are accurately processed. Instead of contacting the organizers of Pride BJJ directly, competitors and parents should log into their own Smoothcomp account, the platform used for tournament registration. Within their Smoothcomp account, they can access their registration details and make any necessary changes themselves. This streamlined process helps to avoid delays or errors that may occur when communicating changes manually, ensuring that registration information is updated promptly and accurately.


Pre-schedule- Mat # and estimated time will be released the Friday before the event

Competitors can conveniently access all pertinent information regarding their participation in Pride BJJ by logging into their Smoothcomp account. Smoothcomp serves as the central platform for tournament management, offering participants real-time updates and details about their matches. Upon logging in, competitors navigate to the event page for Pride BJJ, where they can find their bracket assignments, opponent names, scheduled match times, and mat numbers.

This information is released THE FRIDAY BEFORE THE EVENT!

This comprehensive access ensures that competitors are fully informed about their tournament journey, including when and where their matches will take place.


Bring Your Photo ID

Bringing a photo ID is a mandatory requirement for all competitors and kids participating in Pride BJJ for several important reasons. Firstly, it serves as a means of identity verification, ensuring that each participant is accurately registered and eligible to compete in their respective divisions. Additionally, requiring a photo ID enhances the overall security and integrity of the event by minimizing the risk of impersonation or fraudulent activity. By adhering to this policy, tournament organizers can maintain fairness and transparency throughout the competition, ultimately providing a safer and more professional environment for all participants.

It is crucial for all competitors and kids to bring a photo ID to Pride BJJ as failure to do so can have significant consequences. If a participant arrives at the event without a photo ID, they will not be allowed to compete. This strict policy is enforced by the governing body of IBJJF to ensure compliance with tournament regulations and safeguard the integrity of the competition. Without proper identification, organizers cannot verify the participant’s identity or confirm their registration details, making it impossible for them to participate in the event. Therefore, it is imperative that all competitors and kids adhere to this requirement to avoid any disruptions or disqualifications on the day of the tournament.



Concentration Area / TV screen

The concentration area at Pride BJJ serves as a designated space for competitors to mentally prepare and focus before their matches. This area is essential for participants to gather their thoughts, visualize their strategies, and enter a mindset conducive to optimal performance on the mats. By providing a dedicated space for concentration, Pride BJJ aims to support competitors in maximizing their potential and competing at their best.

Competitors are permitted to enter the concentration area at Pride BJJ up to 30 minutes before their scheduled match start time. This timeframe allows competitors ample opportunity to engage in pre-match rituals, warm up physically and mentally, and mentally prepare themselves for the upcoming bout. By adhering to this schedule, competitors can ensure that they are adequately prepared and focused when it is time to step onto the mats and compete.

In the concentration area at Pride BJJ, competitors will find everything they need to prepare for their matches effectively. Each concentration area is labeled with the corresponding mat number, ensuring that competitors know exactly where to go based on their match assignments. Additionally, TV screens are set up in the area to display the current matches that are about to be on deck. This feature allows competitors to stay informed about the progress of the tournament and be aware of when their match is approaching. Overall, the concentration area is designed to provide competitors with a conducive environment for focused preparation and mental readiness before stepping onto the mats.


Event Day: What you need to know!
(Upon Arrival, Pride Kiosk, Medals and more)

Once you arrive at the venue for Pride BJJ, the first step is to head to the designated weigh-in area at the front door. Competitors are allowed to weigh in up to 2 hours before their scheduled start time. At the weigh-ins, you will present your photo ID for identity verification and confirmation of your presence at the event. It’s crucial to ensure that you make weight according to the requirements of your registered weight class. Once you have successfully completed the weigh-in process and confirmed your attendance, you can proceed with your preparations for the tournament. This may include familiarizing yourself with the venue layout, finding your designated concentration area labeled with your mat number, and mentally preparing for your matches. Remember to stay hydrated, maintain your focus, and be ready to showcase your skills on the mats when your matches are called.

To get your tournament t-shirt, simply head over to the Pride BJJ Kiosk located within the venue. There, you can pick up your complimentary tournament t-shirt to commemorate your participation in the event. Make sure to stop by the kiosk before or after your matches to claim your shirt and proudly represent Pride BJJ.

To pick up your medals, head over to the designated medal podium. If you placed first, second, or third in your division, you have earned a medal. At the podium, your name and result will be confirmed before you receive your medal. Once you have your medal in hand, feel free to proudly step onto the podium to have your picture taken, commemorating your achievement at Pride BJJ.


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