We are thrilled to bring you each and every edition of the ever popular Pride Jiu Jitsu International Event.

The event’s objective is to bring together those individuals and teams searching for a traditional Jiu Jitsu Championship, a kind that attracts
thousands of athletes of all belts, ages and regions. The used in this event follow the traditional rules utilized by the IBJJF, with the greatest
objective being to preserve the integrity of the competitors and to give our spectators a true show of the sport. Improving the quality of
the sport , support the academies helping attract new students, keeping good relationship between schools, making everyone understand
that we are proud to belong to the same Jiu Jitsu community, and award the 3 best fighters in each division and the 3 best schools in the
area. For us, developing local events will promote education and social integration based on the Jiu Jitsu values. Inspiring professors and
recognize competitors who support the growth of the art of Jiu Jitsu. Each Tournament gives us more and more experience and expertise.
Experience that has also been acquired through years watching and making adjustments for better. Our organization has the support of all academies dedicated to spread the quality of the Gentle Art. Our work through the years has been
accompanied by an evolution and development of Sport Jiu jitsu Rules. Thanks to the contribution of the greatest Masters in this martial art
particularly, the red belt Grand Master Francisco Mansur. He has worked over the years to improve and uniform the rules used in our
events as well as events around the world.